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New Bathrooms Glasgow provides you with the highest quality, long-lasting bathroom fittings to suit your ideal bathroom design for your Glasgow home. Bathrooms in Glasgow tend to be on the small side so we always endeavor to make the most out of your space whether it is a modification or a complete new installation of your bathroom.

Our team of fitters are one of the most professional and experienced bathroom fitters in Glasgow, whom you can trust to renovate and modernize your bathroom with a modern design that is up to date with the latest bathroom trends. We provide a wide variety of affordable, modern and luxury fitted bathroom backed up with our guaranteed service.

All you need is to select the products or design for your bathroom and leave the rest to us. Our professional workers will ensure quality service is delivered to you and work is done in the best possible manner.

We provide products that are affordable as well as luxurious like freestanding baths, LED, mirrors, Jacuzzi baths, underfloor heating, etc. Our services include fit-up, plumbing, tiling, joinery, plastering, electrical work, underfloor heating, painting and decor, and more.

As a small local bathroom fitting company, we offer a personal service that is hard to match. Although we are a smaller company, New Bathrooms Glasgow is extremely flexible with the payment, offering monthly finance payments. Full payment of all jobs is never asked until you are 100% happy with your newly fitted bathroom.

“Bathroom Fitters Glasgow really impressed me with the finish on our new bathroom. They managed to install a really impressive design with only a tiny little space to work with. They came to me as a recommendation and managed to exceed my expectations. I strongly recommend contacting and hiring Bathroom Fitters Glasgow if you are looking to have a new bathroom fitted in your home”
Eddie Gault, Glasgow

5* Google Review, December 2019

Fitted bathrooms installed by us in the Glasgow area.

“Installed a new bathroom and kitchen for us last summer (2019). We found them online after a lot of looking around, this company came down from Glasgow and managed the whole process from planning and design, sourcing all of the equipment and then swiftly completing the installation. We highly recommend if you are looking for a professional job but don’t want to pay the ridiculous prices at the showrooms”
Margaret, Glasgow Homeowner

5* Yell Review

Bathroom Fitters vs Bathroom Showrooms

You must be wondering why a bathroom fitter when you can go to a bathroom showroom and select the required products needed to renovate or build a bathroom. Let us explain.

Bathroom showrooms provide bathroom fittings and all the necessary components required to design and build a bathroom or modify an existing one. But often they provide only the products and not the services which are equally important. Selecting the products from a store alone is not enough, using these products to build your bathroom requires a team of experts.

The quality installation of the bathroom fittings are very important, and if not done by an experienced bathroom fitter won’t be usable or durable.

Our bathroom fitters will help you design your bathroom into a perfect suite or modify it with the perfect accessories or fittings. They are mobile tradesmen who will help you choose what you want according to your ideas and budget and will carry out the installation process as well.

The responsibility of getting the work done lies on our shoulders and we will provide you with a complete quality-fit bathroom according to your requirements and high standards. We will ensure that our fitters leave you with a great looking bathroom that will add to the looks of your home or apartment.

No Showroom = Affordable Fitted Bathrooms in The Glasgow Area

Just like every other bathroom company in the Glasgow area, we are aiming to install new bathrooms and make a profit doing so. We offer Glasgow the perfect blend of having a good reputation and providing affordable new bathroom installation mainly due to not having expensive showroom overheads including heft rent and advertising costs.

***We can still showcase our materials, other bathrooms we have fitted and your complete plan and design for your new bathroom during your initial home visit***

Signs you need to install a new bathroom

You don’t install a new bathroom every year just because you got tired of the way it looks! All the products have a lifespan depending on their quality, environment, type of use, etc. No matter how costly or high-quality products you buy, they will wear out in time, so is the case of bathroom fittings and installations. Also, the features of the existing bathroom may not be enough when a family grows in numbers.

  • Old and visible pipe installations and leaks

Nowadays the pipes are enclosed in the walls of the bathroom to give it an elegant and attractive look. Visible and old pipes tend to impart an old, less attractive and unclean look to the bathroom. Also with time, the pipes tend to leak or restrict the flow of water. In such a case you will need a complete update for your bathroom.


  • Faulty and outdated hardware

The flow of water through the old taps, showers, etc. might decrease at some point. Sometimes rust or particles will start appearing in the water you use in the bathroom. Not only do these old fixtures give an outdate the bathroom but particles that appear in the water can be very dangerous to health.


  • Lack of storage space

When you don’t have space to keep the daily-use bathroom items in your bathroom, that calls for an upgrade. Not being able to keep things in an organized way can be difficult during times of rush, like not being able to find your toothbrush when you are late to the office. Also, an expansion or more people living in your home (having more kids) means needs more storage space is needed.


  • Old and Moldy tiles

If your bathroom does not look clean even after cleaning it a lot, then it means time for a change. Mold and color coatings can appear on the tiles of your bathroom over time. Mold is a serious health issue whereas discolorations can be very gross.


  • To add more features and lighting

When you want to install accessories with better spec and a touch of the modern design. Automatic showers, accessories with sensors, attractive bathroom lightings, etc. are available in the market which can be used to modify your bathroom.


Whether it is the modification of the bathroom or its complete installation, in all these cases we will provide you with the best options at better rates than any other company in Glasgow.

Bathroom Supply & Installation Glasgow

This is one of our expert areas as we work on the total bathroom and supply in the Glasgow region. A bathroom can be fixed for you in one to three weeks depending on the accessories, fittings, and the design you choose.

Our first step is a survey of the area in order to design a bathroom according to your vision. We will provide you with suggestions and options regarding design including the fittings, fixtures, flooring and other specifics. This will help us to determine the final cost of fitting the complete bathroom and do the necessary modifications depending on the money you are ready to spend.

We’ve got you covered…

All bathrooms designed by New Bathrooms Glasgow is fully guaranteed covered by public liability insurance and they are covered by the HIES quality assurance. We are fully approved members of the Home Insulation & Energy Systems Contractors Scheme (HIES) which ensures all approved members adhere to a code of conduct. Here’s a quote from the HIES website:

“The Home Insulation & Energy Systems Contractors Scheme (HIES) is a consumer protection organisation covering the installation of renewable energy products. We ensure that consumers are dealt with professionally, courteously and sympathetically. Any products installed by HIES Members must be fit for purpose, installed professionally and come with comprehensive guarantees which are covered by specialist insurance providing consumers with a high level of protection.”

Our Bathroom Installation Process

Bathroom installation can become a hectic ordeal if you do not have experts on the job. A complete installation will include the setting up of flooring to the final fixing of accessories. Here are two important steps before the installation or remodeling.

  • Assessment of the bathroom space

Before moving forward with the design it is important that you contact us and we have a look at your bathroom or space. There are some factors that need to be checked like the right size of the fittings, the compatibility, the existing plumbing, and drainage systems, etc. before designing.


  • Planning the layout

Planning or changing the layout can be very expensive if not done by expert fitters. We will help you with a design that will maximize space with minimal cost according to your requirements.

The next step is to plan the color scheme, new fixtures, storage spaces and location of utilities for your bathroom. Once we have accessed the space and planned a layout design, we will start the installation process which includes:

  • Removal of existing fixtures
  • Plumbing and heating
  • New showers
  • Tiling with marble or any other material
  • Wet room or walk-in showers
  • Specialized lighting
  • Mirrors for different purposes
  • Bathroom LCD installation
  • Exhaust fans and ventilation
  • Underfloor heating
  • Holders and towel rails
  • Installation of glass screens
  • Extra decorating

There will be final inspection from our side to make sure that each process is done to perfection. We pay close attention to every detail, not just in its aesthetic sense, but also for its functional side. We always maintain high standards with all our installation works.

New Bathroom Installation Cost Glasgow

We will do our best to install the best bathroom under your budget. The overall cost of a bathroom will depend upon a number of factors like the number fixtures, the type of fixtures, the kind of flooring, the type of heating and plumbing, extra glass panels, extra features installed, etc.

We can help you to choose the best fittings and features at affordable costs, good quality and that gives a great look to your bathroom. From an affordable attractive bathroom to a luxury bathroom, we will install the best bathroom you can have.

Our rates will differ depending on the type of bathroom you wish to install, whether it be a designer bathroom, a bathroom adaptation, a wet room, a showroom, or a bespoke bathroom. By choosing us you are choosing the most affordable, best and most reliable bathroom fitters in Glasgow.

However, we never quote prices that are unreasonable. So as a homeowner, you will get the best service at the best prices with us.

Choosing the best bathroom fitters in Glasgow

There are a lot of bathroom showrooms and bathroom fitters in Glasgow, which makes it difficult to make a decision. Bathroom planning and fitting can be a complicated process and if not done properly by experts, leading to a real headache and more greater financial expense.

So it is important to choose the best bathroom fitters available in the local area to get your work done in the best possible manner. We will help you plan a modern bathroom design, choose the best fixtures, choose the feature needed for you and do the complete installation of the bathroom in a given time by creating minimum interruption to your activities at home. We don’t just break off after the installation like other bathroom fitters, our services will be available to you for some period of time.

If you need the best bathroom fitters in Glasgow with the required experienced in the field,  call us.

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Glasgow & Greater Glasgow Service Area

We will work anywhere in Scotland if its the right kind of job everyone involved. However, the majority of our bathrooms are installed within a 20 miles radius of Glasgow. This includes west of Glasgow in areas such as Paisley & Clydebank. North Glasgow in the likes of Kirkintilloch & Bearsden, East Glasgow towards Coatbridge, Airdrie & Wishaw and the Glasgow southside including the down to likes of Eaglesham and East Kilbride.

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